Mad About Mid Century Modern in Charlotte

A little quiz….Which one of the four houses below is Mid Century? …. OK it’s a bit of a trick question all four are from the mid twentieth century but only one is mid century modern design (C).

It can be a bit confusing especially when you consider the modern movement started in the early 1900s. By 1901 Frank Lloyd Wright had completed over 50 projects including iconic homes in Oak Park Illinois, by 1920 the German Bauhaus movement was in full gear and you know that uber cool “1960s” Barcelona chair it was actually designed in the very un-hip year 1929! 

So back to mid century modern… If you’re like me you’re thinking hey wait… Click to continue...

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Water(Front) and Center and Side and Back…

If you wanted to live closer to the Lake Norman waterfront it’d have to be on a houseboat!
With over 520 miles of shoreline there are a lot of waterfront homes on Lake Norman but only a handful like this one! Who are we kidding….with an unusually large 1.2 acre lot, 422 feet of waterfront and 100 feet of gently sloping sand beach 2799 Camden Pointe Drive is one of a kind! (watch the gorgeous aerialvideo here to fullyappreciate this property)

But the real magic is how the home is positioned on the point so close to water’s edge…the wrap around shoreline and water views from every room* makes you feel like you’re surrounded by water. *It’s

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Kid’s Treehouse….Are You Kidding!

It might not be the most important feature of this beautiful Quail Hollow Estates Home…but hands down it’s the most fun. And who says kids** should have all the fun! From the start we knewSean and Nancy (and their two young boys) were all about the joy of real estate. When we first toured their home and talked with them about what they loved everything was a story from the reclaimed hardwoods, to the backyard built for play and family time tothe treehouse. I think it was Nancy who mentioned that her and Sean had indeed snuck off to the treehouse for a glass of wine…how fun!

But let’s face it it’s still the KIDS treehouse as this little (treehouse) noteto Momattests hehe…

We love… Click to continue...

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Settled in Adirondack chairs unwinding lakefront as stress fades into the sunset, its Tuesday but here it always feels like the weekend.
When we asked our clients Jeff and MaryAnn to write their Homestory about their Lake Norman home we expected to hear about sunsets, power boats and fun on the water…what we got was much deeper. So often as real estate agents and homeowners we forget how big a part our home plays in our lives. After all we spend the vast majority of our life at home and it follows that many of most memorable times of our lives happen at home. Jeff and MaryAnn reminded us of that and introduced us… Click to continue...

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What we believe (about marketing a home for sale) and Why we’re different.

First off…if we ever say listing pinch us…”listing a home for sale” means nothing.

What we believe.

We believe selling a home comes down to smart and strategic marketing – pure and simple. People are motivated to buy a particular home through a complex sometimes maddening combination of emotion and logic. Everyone is looking for their dream home. Which really means they are looking for the home that fits all their needs and wants at a given time.

Often a home buyer will choose the home based on what appears to be a gut feel. While that decision may appear to be emotional it is actually quite logical the confusion is because that part of the brain (limbic) that controls behavior (makes decisions) does not have the… Click to continue...

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bob hope mid century modern home Charlotte mad about modern home tour

What is Mid-Century Modern? | Mad About Modern Home Tour Charlotte NC 2015

What isMid-Century Modern and why should you care?

Mid-Century Modern is white hot! In Charlotte modern design homes thatused to sit on the market for months are getting multiple first day offers. Savvy+Co curates a really goodsearch Charlotte Modern / contemporary homes here.Specialty design shops like Dialect Design and furniture shops like Mid Century Salvage, Slate Interiors and Reinvented Charlotte are popping up all over with waiting lists for vintage pieces. Thing is this is not just your Mother’s furniture (well it kinda is but…) this trend of design and simplicity is here to stay. Empty Nesters and… Click to continue...

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Goldilocks Approved Outdoor Living at 8920 Heydon Hall Circle is Just Right!

Outdoor living for those who’d rather LIVE than work in their yard! | 8920 Heydon Hall Circle

The back yard of this Heydon Hall home is what we call Goldilocks approved …not too big, not too small…just right! That’s the beauty of it. Hendon Hall is one of South Charlotte’s hidden gems tucked behind Quail Hollow, gated and off the beaten path. Homeowners here love the serenity of the place and the warmth of the neighbors. One neighbor commented to me “people don’t really use their backyards as they’d prefer to be out front on their porch or relaxing on a bench in one of the park areas.”

But, let’s face it there’s nothing like enjoying dinner or just… Click to continue...

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Mid-Century Modern Charlotte | Anything but Cookie Cutter

You know all that 1960s stuff our parents threw away or donated to Goodwill, all that dated furniture, those kitschy lamps and ashtrays and yes even the clothes well….it’s back again, big time. (Charlotte’ Mad About Modern Home Tour May 9 – more info below)

Some say it’s all due to thepopularity of the Madmen TV series or a result of the HGTV home improvement craze, just a fad that won’t last. But in Charlotte we think it goes deeper than that and this time Mid-Century Modern architecture and design are here to stay. Also known as contemporary style (Charlotte MLS does not have a mid-century modern category designation) these homes appeal to twosurprising Charlotte home… Click to continue...

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We are ready for you.

We are ready for you.

It hit me this morning just how powerful those five words are.

We’re in the process of doing some major renovations to our Lansdowne mid-century ranch. We have spentthe last few months searching for some design inspiration; someone we think can take our vision, enhance it and come up with a plan that will work and stay within the of course tight budget. More on all that in a later post.

Today I want to focus on expectations and customer service. After much due diligence and talking with referenceswe decided on a design company Dialect Design. As we all know (been there) even when we do our best to find the right /… Click to continue...

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