photo genius courtesy of Charlotte’s own Rick Norris*

Sadly so much of the world today and especially the internet is About ME or About US…we’re out to change that.

About US = selling
About YOU = helping

Look around the internet (no not now silly, later) you’ll have to look pretty hard to find another About You page (we do have an About US page which you should check out next)

We’re not gonna get all self righteous about this – we’re not perfect and to be honest we want your business as much as the next US. We’d just like to go about it in a different manner.

Sure we’d like you to sign up here for our South of Southpark eBulletin – not because we snag your email address but because you might really enjoy reading a lively fresh take on what’s happening with Charlotte real estate & what Michael the Social Media guru is up to on our Pinterest SouthCharlotte, Instagram CharlottePix, Facebook – follow us and we’ll follow you!

Sure we’d like you to call us with a question – not because we get the chance to sell you something but because we know and love Charlotte and want to help you feel the same way.

Sure we’d like you to search for homes on our site – not because we’re closer to a sale but because we’ll have a better understanding of what you want and need | plus our Charlotte home search is just magnificent!

Sure we’d like to market and sell your home (like 8, 212) other agents in Charlotte – not only because we make a commission but because we’ve got a pretty great marketing strategy that makes your house stand out! To us it’s not about getting the listing it’s about working our butts off to SELL your home fast and helping you negotiate to get top dollar!

Sure we’d like you to come back and tell your friends about us – not because we’ll get more traffic to our website but because if our stuff is interesting, funny and engaging then sharing it with your friends will make you look good!

The internet and technology have changed everything about searching for a home. While about 90% of people start searching for a Charlotte home online about 90% end up using a real estate agent to fine tune their search, tour homes and complete the (increasingly complex) transaction. And let’s not even start on for sale by owner FSBOs or worse a discount “limited service” broker…if that’s your thing…Godspeed.

Bottom line you’ll probably use a Realtor we just hope that by being About YOU the decision you make will be About US! We can’t wait to show you everything South of Southpark can do! (come on now we have to get one little pitch in)

*original photo edited slightly to reduce reflection off michael’s head

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Here we are!

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