jeff runquist winestore southpark wine tastingYou know what we love about Winestore…they love wine so much they really don’t care what the wine snobs say. Yeah they describe wines like this…

“Bulging with manhood, this 100% Cabernet is full of blackberry and blueberry pie flavors to offset its tough guy tannins. This is BIG wine for little money. Its basically the wine equivalent to Patrick Swayze in Roadhouse. Best movie EVER.

Who the heck wouldn’t want to try that big red! (we did the Edge Cab was fantastic)

They’re at it again this Saturday January 7 11-8pm Winestore (both locations) is sampling Rhonda’s favorite wine of all time…the Jeff Runquist Petite Syrah plus five more amazing vintages.

Are you the kind of wine person (like me) who knows enough to be dangerous and sound clueless when comparing aSangiovese to a meritage…can you even compare those? Then the Winestore in Southpark and Blakeney is for YOU!

Please tell them Mike @ South of Southpark sent you…they’ll probably smile politely and think to themselves bless his heart who is Mike? But hey you’re there for the wine and you’ll thank me for this best ever Charlotte secret. Make sure you sign up for their witty newsletter and LIKE them (and us while you’re at it) on Facebook.

and because you’ve been thinking it since paragraph two…