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Charlotte’s Crazy Ones….the impact and courage of Molly Barker

Molly Barker is a mother, a runner, a visionary, a dreamer…smart, funny, humble, driven…in a word indomitable. She’s one of the crazy ones*…she is being the difference in thousands of young girls lives and she just happens to live right here “South of Southpark”. Molly is my neighbor and someone I’m blessed to call my friend.

Molly founded Girls on the Run – one of the top youth enrichment organizations in the world right here in the heart of Myers Park, Charlotte. Molly lives right here in Southpark and when she’s not jetting around inspiring people – you’ll bump into her at the Harris Y, The Morrocroft Harris Teeter or anyplace that has great coffee šŸ˜‰

Girls on the Run gets girls moving…it instills confidence and strength…as a father of a GOTR runner and indescribably wonderful daughter Emily I can’t tell you how important and powerful this program is.

Watch Molly share an amazing story of courage at last year’s TEDx Charlotte. I hope you’ll watch the video and get to know more about Molly here and here and here.

I started writing this post a while back….so I’m excited to add something about Molly’s newest passion…The Naked Face Project I’ll let you explore the details but suffice to say Molly is at it again this time putting her makeup where her mouth is…so to speak. Molly and her brave friend Caitlin Boyle will be going without makeup, shaving etc. for sixty days…I know some women who couldn’t go sixty minutes ….haha just check it out – Oh and LIKe the Naked Face Project’s Facebook page (and if you like what we’re up to here LIKe our South of SouthPark page too please)

Molly Barker is the first in a series of articlesI’ll be writing “Charlotte | The Crazy Ones” about some of the ‘crazy’ people that make Charlotte such a fantastic place to live!

*this is what crazy means to me… (and yes this is the rare version narrated poignantly by Steve Jobs)