validation smile when buying or selling a charlotte home

Nothing too profound…just thinking about how much angst there appears to be in the homebuying / homeselling area these days. No doubt selling is harder and buying is more complicated.

Don’t lose sight of the goal…you’re selling to move on to something new and/or exciting and you’re buying a place you’ll love and call home for years. I think the heartwarming and gorgeous message in this brilliant video would serve homebuyers and homesellers well.

You look awesome, have you lost weight?


I HOPE you haven’t seen this yet because I want to be the one to give you this gift. You will LOVE this video – its a little longer than most 16 minute but so worth it I promise! Please make sure you watch the whole thing – there is a beautifully crafted surprise ending! (please pass this long on Facebook or Pinterest by clicking the share buttons)