Rhonda and I did it. We sold our two story brick traditional house in Montibello and bought a mid century modern ranch in Lansdowne. (More, much on this in future posts)

Anyway the house is great but it is contemporary so we decided to basically redesign everything…a big part of this was selling or giving away almost all of our furniture and stuff! Note we had two full attics of stuff in our Montibello home and zero – zilch – nada attic space at the new home! We had to declutter and it’s the best thing we ever did!

Most people don’t take such drastic steps but I think deep down we all love that modern look or at least the peace and tranquility less stuff brings. Here’s a picture of how we are getting started…

Charlotte Mid Century Modern Ranch Lansdowne Neighborhood

And here’s a couple of great links to help you get started…simplifying

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