Made in Charlotte NC USA

Now we’re usually pretty neighborly and all here in Charlotte…we even like (some) Yankees…you know Bless their hearts and all that! We like Nordstrom, Apple, Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Lily Pulitzer and yes even Walmart!

BUT when you start messing with the hometown peeps well…

Wikipedia says Arkansas is a a land of lakes and rivers, thick forests and fertile soil. Tell you what you keep messing with “My Harris Teeter” and we may just come down there and make that Arkansas soil a BIT MORE FERTILE…if you git my drift!

walmart vs harris teeter charlotte ncFull page adds in the Charlotte Observer dissing Harris Teeter over $19.11 just don’t cut it when you’re talking about a
Matthews / Charlotte company that employs over 20,000 people – and a whole bunch of Charlotteans! While we’re happy to have Walmart here and are grateful for the North Carolina people you employ…but remember

Ultimately Walmart’s success benefits Arkansas, Harris Teeters success benefits North Carolina and Charlotte!

So Walmart, Bless your heart if you could just scale back the attacks on our homegrown business just a bit we’d be mighty grateful…
Don’t make us come down there!

We love…My Harris Teeter by Mike Tompkins