Three bedrooms, two and half baths, outdoor living space, great kitchen anda place to host 25 people for a private movie screening!

Not your everyday home search parameter, not searchable in MLS and NOT on our radar (we thought) but it is THE reason we bought our home. I should explain…

Have you ever had a gut feel about a home…as you approached the front door and walk inside you knew this was the home and yetit was not exactly what (you thought) you were looking for! It may have had the right number of bedrooms and baths but it did not meet your exact parameters or fit the original picture you had in mind – nevertheless you just knew this is the one.

You know how we think about and tour LOTS of homes and then (seemingly) like magic all of a sudden we find the perfect home.It drives most real estate agents crazy…you’ll hear things (usually under their breath) like “That’s not what you said you wanted!?” It can be frustrating for everyone – even the homebuyer! But it’s the reality…and it’s not such a bad thing. It’sthe why. (See the Why explained below in Simon Sinek’s classic video)

The reason we do this? it’s actually physiology….while our logical minds analyze it’s another part of our brain that actually makes the decisions. That part of our brain knows our true “why” and once it (us) find what we truly want – we react. Interestingly the logical brain kicks back in providing “backup” for it’s crazy half now providing justification for an otherwise crazy decision. This whole topic is fascinating and I hope you’ll follow up by reading Simon Sinek’s provocative book Start with Why – it explains a lot!

But for now back to real estate and why Rhonda and I ended up in a dream home we never actually dreamed about! After years in a perfectly nice albeit older two story brick traditional in Montibello we decided to rightsize. After years of leaf blowing and home maintenance we were thinking (logically) a low maintenance, new, patio style home – move in ready. And then it (why) happened we walked into a 1963 mid century modern ranch in Lansdowne – we literally stood in the renovated kitchen looked out over the two main rooms with floor to ceiling windows and decided right there this was the home. We hadn’t even gone in the other rooms or the (unimproved) backyard/outdoor living area which was originally a deal breaker. Logically this home didn’t make sense – it was older, had lots of trees (and leaves) and the backyard was not as you say “living” ready. But what this house did have was wow and deep down it was our why. Funny thing is we didn’t even realize it, logically.

We learned our true why was all about a home made for living and entertaining and in this house we’ve done more of that in six months than we did in eleven years on Montibello including a movie screening for 25 friends! Morale of the story, for many buying a home is anything butlogical! (noyou’re not crazy)

We get that and we’re ready to help youfind your why and ahome that fits the real you!

PS the movie Concerto for Two Brothers is by our friend and client Cristina Cassidy and it is phenomenal – ask us about a showing and watch the trailer below.

Simon Sinek Start With Why video

Concerto for Two Brothers – trailer