jerry macguire and realtors help me help you

“It is an up at dawn, pride swallowing siege, that I will never fully tell you about.”

Being a Realtor that is…..Whoa a bit hyperbolic aren’t we?
Well…up at dawn (and all night and weekends) – check; pride-swallowing – check; OK maybe it’s not a siege….although come to think about it….

siege: the act or process of surrounding and attacking a fortified place in such a way as to isolate it from help and supplies, for the purpose of lessening the resistance of the defenders and thereby making capture possible.

Sounds a lot like a few closings we’ve had lately…..

This post is NOT a passive aggressive cry for Realtor appreciation (OK maybe it is a little bit)
What it is, is a plea, a plea FOR YOU to find an experienced and professional Realtor and TRUST, TRUST, TRUST

  • Trust that whenyour Realtor suggests a listing price less than you hoped for it’s because they’ve poured over comps for hours calculating granite versus corian countertops in six different ways to come up with the HIGHEST price that you can realistically get without your listing going stale or AWOL!
  • Trust that whenyour Realtor suggests you DO NOT just “throw in a lowball offer” on a house you REALLY WANT to buy – it’s because they have seen how goofy offers can poison the negotiating process and/or leave you empty handed when a more reasonable offer comes in. (did you know the average home sale price in Charlotte is 95% of the list price, 96% on foreclosures) ….want to lowball it 20% you’ll need Donald Trump’s hair
  • Trust that when your Realtor suggests you do a pre inspection on your home for sale it’s because it will save you headaches, money and make you a more confident seller/negotiator and you’ll probably get more for your home!
  • Trust that when your Realtor gives you a couple of suggested attorneys or lenders its because they want the process to go smoothly for YOU. ps. throw the last shovel of dirt on the thinking that agents suggest professionals out of some backscratching arrangement – those days are gone nobody has time to scratch backs anymore – all a good agent cares about these days is helping YOU get through an ever complex and crazy closing process – whole and unscathed!
  • Trust that your Realtor is always working on your behalf BUT that doesn’t mean they don’t have other clients – if they’re good give them a break – they have lives and kids and houses and messy garages and husbands too.

As Jerry would say…. Help them, Help you!