It’s not always what you think.

We’ve seen all kinds of articles and news lately about the rebirth of the residential (and commercial) real estate market here in Charlotte. prices are up, home for sale inventory is suddenly at historic lows…yes it’s a sellers market and everybody is think about their house. Thinking about selling, buying or just what is my Charlotte home worth today? | we’ve got a handy tool to quickly estimate your Charlotte MLS area home value click here |

But this post is not about home values. selling or buying…its about motivation. I’ve been reading a great book by Daniel Pink TO SELL IS HUMAN: THE SURPRISING TRUTH ABOUT MOVING OTHERS The book talks about how we are all engaged in “selling” everyday in our professional and personal lives…but it’s not so much about selling per se as it is motivating others to move (take action). The book talks about how complex this process has become in terms of logistics (media, the internet) and yet how it still all comes down to relationships and emotion.

These are some valuable lessons (literally valuable – they could make or lose you money). So as you consider buying or selling your home and especially if you’re thinking about selling your home by owner keep in mind the complexity of the process, the motivations and the emotions involved. For many the best thing is to trust the help of a more than ever.

Here’s a fascinating video Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

photo credit: Lori Greig via photopin cc