text your Charlotte Savvy+CO realtor rhonda gibbons instead of calling

You know how you have those friends you text and those you don’t? And business is like a whole different thing sometimes you’d prefer to text somebody new but you’re not sure they are “texters” and how its so awesome when you find out “they text”! Face it our teenagers were right sometimes its just easier, more comfortable to text especially with someone you may not know as well. Texting is not a replacement for a phone call but sometimes it really serves the purpose best!

You can text me…I’ve got my iPhone4s and I’m ready to go …have a quick question about a property on Charlotte MLS? Need a quick reference for handyman, lender or whatever just shoot me a text!
This goes ESPECIALLY for new peeps – please shoot me a text and just add your name so I’ll know who you are.

TAFN HAGD T2UL* Rhonda 704.651.6551

Oh and by the way (BTW) I text in regular English (ENG)….I’m not that young….

*check out Netlingo dictionary for text acronyms and shorthand (might even figure out what your kids are saying!)

and watch the autocorrect….more autocorrects *warning definitely R rated but funny)