photo genius courtesy drachenkind

I stumbled upon this wonderfully poignant (and short) video about the housing market. It reminded me of a blog post I did awhile back Looking for a 1974 Buick Century? Im Your Realtor. I think I’ll repurpose that post here later but suffice to say the post was about how in all the mess and gnashing of buying or selling a home we forget how happy the process can and should be. A little from that post

“In my view too often and unnecessarily buying a home has become an uninspiring, surprisingly joyless transaction. Heres what I meanbuyers and their agents become obsessed with the details and lose the bigger picture ~ why are you buying a home in the first place? …I see people missing out, too hung up on squeezing every last penny (literally) out a deal to the point where they lose the(ir) perfect home.”

Enjoy the video courtesy of Baird & Warner For 156 years, Baird & Warner has been the dominant force in Chicagoland real estate…Five generations of family ownership doing what’s right, taking a stand, and making a difference for people in real estate. Nice job guys!