Jeopardy Answer: The best Opportunity of a Lifetime Answer: What is buying a home?

Alex, What is buying a home?

Yes, buying a home now is the best opportunity in your lifetime!

Who says that? Lost in last year’s “secretarial tax rate” and Buffet Rule noise was an interesting, profound and personal statement about home ownership by Warren Buffet, arguably the greatest (and most frugal) billionaire investor of all time. In an interview his infamous secretary Debbie Bosanek related advice the Oracle of Omaha himself had given his friend about buying a home…

Bosanek said she’s not complaining about her salary or the taxes she pays, nor will she apologize for the home she bought last year in Surprise, Ariz., a Phoenix suburb.

“I just thought it was time to buy a home,” she said. “Warren tells me that it will be the best opportunity in my lifetime. Mortgage rates are low and prices have dropped dramatically. Getting a nice home in a great climate for only a $30,000 down payment and a mortgage that has a low interest rate I’ve been working 37 years and saving for an opportunity like this.

“I share Warren’s view about the future of America, and we believe that our country will do just fine. I’m happy to make this investment.

We might not agree On Mr. Buffet’s tax policy but we wholeheartedly agree with his thoughts on home ownership as a practical investment once again. The days of skyrocketing values maybe gone but they’ve been replaced with low historically (some would say insanely) low mortgage rates, tight supply and reasonable home valuations.

In Charlotte we are seeing a healthy market for sales and a shrinking supply of homes for sale in Charlotte: The Charlotte Observe reports home for sale inventory is at 5.3 months that down about 40% from the high and fast approaching a full on sellers market. More good news as Charlotte neighborhood home values are rising, sales are up 23% over last year and home sellers getting 92% of asking price.

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Oh and here is Warren Buffet talking more about the the unprecedented opportunity for home ownership!