hot charlotte market for million dollar proerties

You know what’s hot? …Charlotte real estate.
Know what’s even hotter? Million Dollar Properties!
(but let’s settle down hair pulling is never appropriate)

From the National Association of Realtors…The Real Force Behind the Rise in Home Prices

The housing market started to mend in 2012 making it the most successful sector of the economy this year, according to a recent TIME magazine article. Home sales grew, foreclosures fell, and housing prices started to rise this year.

…and this from the Wall Street Journal…Luxury Snaps BackCharlotte million dollar home sales MLS

“Strong demand and low inventory spark unexpected bidding warsand a comeback for homes priced above $1 million; ‘Americans finally got off the fence. After a soft 2011, the luxury home market made a comeback in 2012, driven by growing buyer confidence, strong foreign demand, low mortgage rates, more realistic sellers and sharp drops in the number of home listings. Sales of homes priced at $1 million and above rose by 9% in the first nine months of 2012 compared with the same period one year ago to the highest level in four years…”

So what about the Charlotte market? How are luxury million dollar and up home buyers and sellers doing here in Charlotte? After a soft market riddled with foreclosures….pricing stabilized in 2012 and the market for million dollar home sales got stronger. Year over year Charlotte has seen a 17% increase in million dollar home sales 107 closings in 2011 compared with 125 in 2012. (139 million dollar plus homes for sale in Charlotte right now) The overall Charlotte residential market is strong (on fire in some areas) with low inventory of homes for sale, multiple offers and rebounding prices (sporadic hair pulling has been reported).

If you’ve been thinking about selling…upgrading to that dream home or downsizing right now Charlotte’s million dollar home market is the healthiest it’s been in years. Remember as the market heats up so does competition…Million dollar and up sellers and buyers expect more – marketing efforts and home presentation are more important than ever….

Savvy+CO produced the following video to market a home in Dilworth – we think it’s pretty great! We’d love to talk with you about making a video just like this for your home | more info here |now that’s thinking different about Charlotte real estate!


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