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I think the Charlotte housing market has been making us all pretty dizzy. One month Charlotte home prices are up the next they’re down… Blood Sweat and Tears had it half right what goes up does come down but it also comes back up. While the overall Charlotte home market on average is looking much better the following MLS statistics show that the statistics for your neighborhood or area might be quite different. Location, location, location still matters and now more than ever it’s a good idea to get some help from a knowledgeable professional.

Bottom line things are looking much better for Charlotte home sellers and buyer…and of course Charlotte is still one of he best relocation cities in the country. Take a look at some selected south Charlotte neighborhood stats and then enjoy (sing along) Blood Sweat and tears Spinning wheel….it’s got to go ’round!

Average Home Price (8/2012) and percentage change over (8/2011) Area 5 Neighborhoods

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  • Charlotte MLS Market $205,700 +0.9%
  • Myers Park Neighborhood $620,248 -2.0%
  • MountainBrook Neighborhood $389,283 +10.9%
  • Beverly Woods Neighborhood $269,480 +2.4%
  • Barclay Downs Neighborhood $384,435 -9.5%
  • Montibello Neighborhood $499,542 -0.1%
  • Foxcroft Neighborhood $1,079,735 +21.0%
  • Providence Plantation Neighborhood $421,405 -1.0%
  • Ballantyne Country Club Neighborhood $774,530 +7.7%
  • Providence Downs Neighborhood $635,394 +4.9%
  • Hunter Oaks Neighborhood $339,368 +2.1%

Spinning Wheel lyrics (D. Clayton-Thomas)

What goes up must come down
Spinnin’ wheel got to go ’round
Talkin’ ’bout your troubles it’s a cryin’ sin
Ride a painted pony let the spinnin’ wheel spin

You got no money and you got no home
Spinnin’ wheel all alone
Talkin’ ’bout your troubles and you never learn
Ride a painted pony let the spinnin’ wheel turn

Did you find the directing sign on the
Straight and narrow highway
Would you mind a reflecting sign
Just let it shine within your mind
And show you the colors that are real

Someone is waiting just for you
Spinnin’ wheel, spinnin’ true