albert_einstein_wisdom_ of pricng your home to sell

Should: “to indicate that an action is considered by the speaker to be obligatory“.

Should is the biggest dilemma homeowners face when they try to price their home to sell.

  • We paid X, six years ago so it should be worth Y.
  • We added a hot tub and granite counter tops that should add X to the value.
  • The neighbors up the street sold for Y with no bonus room we should get at least Y times X.
  • The house for sale across the street is a foreclosure that should not impact our value.
  • Our house is perfect it should sell fast.

It’s never been harder or more critical to determine the correct value for your home.** Market factors swing violently one month it’s a seller’s market the next it’s all about the buyers. One neighborhood is ravaged by foreclosures or distressed short sales while another neighborhood thrives – even sections within neighborhoods can experience wide swings in value. Home for sale inventories affect pricing. Appraisers are…well appraisals are too often a toss up.

And then there’s the real estate (TRUE) truism that your best offers come in the first few weeks on the market. “Let’s float a higher price and see what we get.” is usually met with a progressive lowering of the price and ultimately settling months later for a price you should have started with. A good real estate agent (an accredited Realtor even better) is a home sellers best friend. Good ones won’t puff the price to grab the listing. A crazy high price might make you might feel euphoric the day the sign goes in the yard but having the right price can save you weeks (more likely months) of frustration and money.

Bottom line much like you’d choose a doctor, an accountant, a lawyer… find a smart, informed, candid Realtor and then LISTEN to their advice – they’re out there everyday while your living your life, doing your job they’re doing theirs. The good Realtors know valuing your home at the RIGHT price from the get go is a Win Win Win for the seller, the buyer and the agent.

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All this talk about SHOULD …I couldn’t help myself!