Our eSavvy News editor extraordinaire Julie Tambussi is right we are off to an incredible start for 2012 9see eNews below). Charlotte is poised to step on to the world stage with the Democratic National Convention in September, the nation’s largest office complex is well under way in Ballantyne, Rhonda is on board at Savvy+Co and ready to GO and we found the best darn wine shop Winestore in Blakeney and SouthPark (yeah we like wine).

Check out the eSavvy news and make sure you read our two new Charlotte Homestories…we’re out to personalize the home buying and selling process…make it FUN again.

If you’re thinking of moving in 2012 we hope you’ll give us a chance to show you what we can do! Oh and please LIKE our new South of SouthPark Facebook page (we’re really excited about Facebook in 2012 and have some cool ideas & plans) while you’re at it like the Savvy+Co page too…great fun stuff about Charlotte!

Oh and don’t forget Charlotte Restaurant Week read all about it here